Soy Coconut Blend


Soy Coconut Wax (Blend)


Our Soy Coconut Wax

All natural wax manly used for jar candles (with very minimal wet spot) and excellent scent throw both hot & cold

Melting Point: 52 degrees celcius

Melt wax up to 65 degrees celcius and pour at 55degrees celcius

Overheating wax may cause discolouration

Advantages of using Soy Coconut wax:

  • Its biodegradable
  • Smooth & Creamy appearance
  • Comes in slab form
  • Good hot and cold throw
  • Requires single pour (Heat gun can be used if necessary)
  • Fragrance load is 6% (can go up to 12% if necessary)

In Candle making it is advisable to test producds be batch/bulk manufacturing


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