Round Silicone Mould


230ml Large Round Silicone Mould

Strictly No Refunds on Moulds

Product Description

Material: Silicone

Colour: Cream White

Used for for candle making

Ideal for both soy and paraffin wax

Makes one candle at a time


Care Tip:

After use wash out dry and keep it in a cool place.

How to use:

  • Choose the correct wick size
  • Mark your centre and pierce a hole with a needle
  • Melt your desired wax


  • Place mould on leveled surface during pouring
  • +- 2 hours before demolding and cure for 12 hours
  • Wait until curred then trim your wicks on bosth sides
  • Leave 1cm on your 1st pour then allow wax to setlle or shink
  • Cut your wick and then close it off on your 2nd pour
  • Warm your mould and manage sinkholes accordingly

Own Testing Required – because practice makes progress!!


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