5L Wax Melting Pot


5L Electric Wax Melting Pot


5L Electric Wax Melting Pot

With over 1000 5 star reviews on google, this wax melter is perfect for candle, soap, and other makings.

  • Melter heats up and melts wax quickly
  • Its easy to use and lightweight
  • Perfect for beginners and small business owner
  • Unused wax can be melted if and when needed
  • Melter valve is made up of pure copper and coated nickel, making it easy to pour out wax
  • The tank is non stick coating for easy cleaning

Whats inside the box?

  • Wax Melter
  • Wick place holders
  • 60 Cotton Wicks
  • Stainless Steel Jug




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